Fundraising Campaigns for Nonprofits

Have a capital campaign or emergency need? Most crowdfunding sites were never designed for nonprofits. Launch your custom-branded campaign in minutes, get robust data, and save heaps of money on processing fees.

Custom and branded landing page

Have your fundraising page look how you want it to. With custom header logos, colors, fonts, and even domains, your crowdfunding campaign will work seamlessly with your brand.

Visual goals for motivation

Let supporters feel part of the movement by adding a goal and a progress meter. Add a deadline and countdown to drive urgency toward your goal.

Tell your story, make your ask

Combine embedded videos and images with formatted text to present your story and ask just how you need it to.

Custom giving levels and rewards

Preset giving levels

Whether you want to offer one donation option or many, you can configure the giving levels offered, add a description, and put them in the order you wish to display.

Offer rewards

Create a classic crowdfunding campaign by offering different reward types, such as mugs or tee shirts, with certain giving packages. Add shipping and sales tax if you need to!

Include any engagement

Sell merchandise, event tickets, and anything else as part of your fundraiser, such as text-to-give. You can add any fundraising tool on Flipcause to your campaign.


Refined tax-deductibility

Configure fair market value and percentage-based tax-deductibility, so your reporting and donors’ receipts reflect correct tax-deductibility information automatically.


Shareable engagement

Built-in social sharing tools, customizable activity feed, and comments section help promote your fundraising page across your network to bolster engagement and drive collective enthusiasm.

Specifically for nonprofits

Your funds are available immediately in your account and all your data goes directly to your database. And your donors get automated tax-deductible receipts and thank-yous.

Ready to launch your campaign on Flipcause?

Add-on donations, purchases, anything
Sell merch, offer add-on donations, show volunteer shifts, or even event sponsorships during your event registration process. You can allow any combinations of engagements to occur in a single transaction by turning on the cart feature.
Industry-low processing cost

By offering your supporters the option to cover the fee, you can expect an average transaction rate of 1%, and have the peace of mind that you’ll never go above 1.5%. Plus, your funds are available to you immediately. Unlike many others, we don’t make you wait for a payout.

Don’t miss a thing
All ticket sales and registration activity are logged to your Centralized Activity Tracker on Flipcause, where they are stored together with your other integrated tools and engagements using Flipcause, providing an at-a-glance holistic record of supporter history. Never miss an opportunity to tailor your outreach and engage better with your constituents now that you have all records in one place.
Sound like a lot? Let us build it for you

Technology should empower, not overpower. That’s why in addition to easy-to-use customizable features, at Flipcause you also have a Success Team and Concierge Services to do it all for you. Anything you want to build on Flipcause, just delegate it to us.


Replace your Indiegogo with Flipcause to save on processing costs

Custom-branded landing page
Fundraising goals & progress meters
Embedded campaign videos
Automated receipts & thank-yous
Add peer-to-peer & text-to-give
Refined tax-deductibility
Social media sharing tools
Industry-low fees
Funds directly to your account
Custom giving levels, rewards, & engagements
“I love everything about Flipcause. Crowdfunding is a piece of cake. Online donations are easy. Donor data collection amazing. Customer service is excellent. I LOVE Flipcause.”

Nancy B., Founder and Executive Director
Los Gatos, CA
Customer since: August 2016