Our mission is to empower small nonprofits to better engage their communities and fund their causes, regardless of budget or technical ability.

Our Story

The story of Flipcause is one of community, perseverance, and purpose. Two brothers, Emerson and Ro, combined their unique skills and experiences to create a tool that would empower small nonprofits and transform the way they fundraise.

Emerson, an innovator in the tech space, and Ro, working with nonprofits, recognized a glaring problem: small nonprofits lacked the tools and support needed to thrive. Large organizations had access to advantageous technology and big teams, but smaller nonprofits – the ones that needed these tools the most – were often left behind.

Inspired by their shared values, co-founders Alison and Derrick joined forces with the brothers to create an affordable, easy-to-use solution for small nonprofits. With this focus, financing the project became a challenge. Building a product for a customer base that doesn’t have money to invest in technology wasn’t a business model that made sense to investors. Nevertheless, they rooted their business strategy, not in optimizing for profit, but in aligning their values with the needs of the nonprofit community. Friends and family contributed heavily to help fund the early phases of Flipcause, while Alison and Emerson gave up their apartment and lived and coded in a van to save money.

In 2012, Flipcause was incorporated and we launched our first widget. Since then, we have grown to become the backbone of online fundraising for thousands of nonprofits across all 50 US states.

Flipcause isn’t just a business. It’s a reflection of our values; compassion, community, care, and curiosity. As we continue to expand our reach and impact, it’s these values that fuel our commitment to serve small nonprofits in the most powerful and meaningful ways possible.

Our mission also hasn’t changed. We’re here to add humanity to the forefront of technology, so you can have the tools and support you need to focus on what matters most: your cause.

Years Old

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Our Values


We believe that when you give value, is when you receive value in return, and that’s how you build community. Community is integral to our resiliency as humans. Our community is made up of our colleagues, our customers, and society, and so we consider the best interests of all of them in how we show up.


The only constant is change. Approaching situations and interactions with humility, openness, and flexibility allows us to constantly question the status quo as well as stay nimble in the face of uncertainty.


We consider all parties involved when making decisions. We don’t take action unless it’s good for everyone – the person making the decision, the customer, and the company. Our decisions have to be a net positive for all impacted.


Each one of us takes initiative and ownership of our role. We don’t pass the ball, because we know the impact we are here to make and the difference each action makes to each of our customers who depends on us.

Our Core Responsibility

To better customer value, employee fulfillment, and organizational sustainability with every decision.
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