Activity Tracker & Reporting

Donor Profiles for Small Nonprofits

Your fundraising is only as strong as your relationships, and relationships are built on recognition. But it’s hard to keep track of it all using spreadsheets from unconnected services. Are your biggest supporters getting lost in the cracks?

All donor history in one place

Our algorithm recognizes whether each interaction is from a new donor or a repeat supporter, either adding a new contact record or updating an existing contact with new information including activity history, answers to questions, waivers, and documents uploaded.

Organize and manage records

  • Add, edit, and merge contacts
  • Define group and household records
  • Record relationships among contacts
  • Add a card on file
  • Add notes and communication history
  • Track soft credits
  • Log manual payments
  • Tag records with custom labels for reporting

Store and charge payment methods

Thanks to Flipcause’s built-in merchant account, payment methods from previous transactions are securely stored and able to be manually charged right from the contact profile.

Save time on maintenance

Use the duplicate check and merge function to cut down time spent keeping your data accurate and current. You have fine-tuned control about which areas of a contact to merge or combine, and all history ends up in one place.

LYBUNT, SYBUNT, major donor reports, and more

With all the data you have on Flipcause, you can get the reports you need, as well as export for upload into other services, such as mailing lists or accounting software.

Ready to simplify your data management?

"I absolutely love Flipcause and have been a customer for four years now. I also recommended another nonprofit who is also still a customer. It is excellent. I love how it holds all of the data for my whole nonprofit business. Everything that comes in through my website and I enter into the software is then held into the system on our business. It is excellent and keeps everything organized."

Jennifer S., Founder, Executive Director
Wayzata, MN
Customer since April 2019