Built for your small nonprofit

Equity-based pricing to fit your budget

Unlimited campaigns, unlimited admins, and unlimited human support with every plan.
Our prices are based on your total revenue last year. Both tiers include every feature and service Flipcause has to offer.
As you grow, we grow with you. Count on us to be with you every step of the way.
No paywalls, no surprises, no annual contracts.

“Frankenstein-ing” your software needs?

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Most software tools aren’t designed to work together, at least for free. There’s always that “tier upgrade” that promises you three wishes to accomplish what you need. Instead, you add another software tool to make it work and declare it’s good enough. That’s “Frankenstein-ing” your software.

When every dollar spent saves you hundreds.

Flipcause gives you a product designed with your needs in mind.

We’ve been there before. Where you avoid hiring more staff while hoping to accomplish more with what you already have. How much time have you wasted on “free” tools to supplement your organization’s needs?

“Free” means your vendor gives you a tool, not a partner.

“Free” means hidden costs elsewhere or zero support when things don’t go as planned.

Partnering with Flipcause gives your team back hours of precious time. Our fee structure saves your organization thousands of dollars in fundraising fees.

We’re majority employee-owned and not venture-capital funded.

We’re here to earn your business, and our pricing model ensures our futures are tied together. It ensures we’re sustainably able to assist you at every step of the way through our commitment to unlimited human support.

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Industry Low Rates

Flipcause has the merchant account built in, so we get to offer you an industry-low Guaranteed Effective Rate.

How does it work?
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Your donors have the option to cover the processing fee for every transaction (6.9% + 30¢).

On average, over 90% of donors cover the fees.

That means the average effective processing rate on Flipcause is 1%.

But don’t take our word for it! Regardless of what your donors cover, Flipcause will make sure you never go above 1.5% in any given quarter because we’ll credit you the difference if you do.

And, because Flipcause is also the merchant account, this is not a platform fee that’s separate from the credit card fee – this covers the full cost of processing with everything included (AMEX and international, too).

Calculate how much you could save.

Risk-Free Guarantee

We’re not here to lock you into anything that doesn’t make sense for your organization. Not only do we make sure you get to test drive everything for free, you can also cancel at any time and your unused subscription will be 100% refunded.


How does the rate guarantee work?

Flipcause collects a transaction fee that covers all credit card fees, including American Express and international payments. Supporters have the option to cover this fee when checking out, and over 85% of donors do.

We guarantee your effective transaction rate never exceeds 1.5% in a calendar quarter. That means your organization will keep at least $98.50 of every $100 you raise. Since such a high percentage of supporters choose to cover these fees, nonprofits are keeping an average of $99.00 of every $100 raised. That’s the lowest pricing amongst all payment processors.

Here’s how we make the guaranteed pricing work:

The per transaction fee is 6.9% + 30 cents for all web payments, which includes credit card fees. Your supporters have the option to cover this fee. If all your supporters cover the fee, you’ll pay no transaction fees and have cost-free fund raising. If your supporters don’t cover the fee and you pay more than 1.5% per transaction in a calendar quarter, we’ll credit your account for the difference at the beginning of the next quarter. The Guaranteed Transaction Rate calculation excludes Manual Payments and transactions when the Fee Coverage Option is turned off.

How do manual payments work?

Transactions can easily be processed right from your Flipcause dashboard using the Manual Payments feature. The Manual Payments feature will allow your organization to process credit and debit cards collected over the phone or in person, either in real time or at a later date.

For Manual Payments entered through your Flipcause Dashboard, the per transaction fee is a flat 3.5%, which includes credit card fees. International payments and all major credit card brands are also included in this fee. Like web payments, your supporters will still have the option to cover this fee

In addition to processing credit cards through the Manual Payments feature, you can also easily process and record payments that your organization receives offline. This includes donations and payments received in cash, checks, Paypal payments, and payments received through other third party payment processors. Recording these offline payments does not incur a transaction fee.

How secure is payment processing through Flipcause?

Flipcause uses Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant processing (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), providing best-in-class secure payment processing. Credit card data is never stored on Flipcause servers and all funds are held in an insured settlement account to securely process account transfers. By utilizing cutting edge technology, Account Holders can securely collect and withdraw funds without an additional merchant account.

Flipcause also uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is the same technology that banks use to keep your account information safe. We secure all account information you provide, including personal information and passwords, using this technology.

Flipcause has also implemented several proprietary security features that are not available on other platforms. These features include: Credit Card Verification Fraud Protection using our proprietary Automatic Fraud Threat Analyzer (AFTA), password and login protection with Two-Factor Authentication, robust user-controlled payment gateway settings, and more! For a full list of the security features on Flipcause, click here.

"Flipcause appealed to our small nonprofit because of the number of features available for its very reasonable price. We had been using multiple services to get the features Flipcause offered all-inclusive, so making the switch alone saved us time and money. The biggest sell for us was the inclusion of website design and hosting via Weebly. We were in the market for an updated website, and had been intimidated by the prospect of doing it ourselves, or the price of hiring someone to help us make the switch to a new format/platform. Flipcause made it easy and affordable. We could not be happier with the new site and the simplicity of the Weebly interface! In addition, the fundraising arm of Flipcause is user-friendly and the fees are reasonable. We have moved our event registration over to Flipcause and we are not paying nearly the same percentage of fees we paid with Eventbrite or PayPal!"

Courtney B., Executive Director
Boiling Springs, PA
Customer since March 2021